Chord Change 2024 / Sponsor-Ticket

Come to the 16th Klangwechsel on February 5, 2024

To participate in the Chord Change, there will be areas in the Burchardi Church where visitors can access freely, without registration or reservation. Here you can experience the change of chord acoustically. There will not be a clear view of the organ from all places. Experience has shown that free seats are limited.

If you would like to experience the change of chord in the immediate vicinity of the organ, please reserve a sponsor ticket.

The sponsor reservations offered here for the change of chord are only intended for seats in the immediate vicinity of the organ. A contribution of at least €200 will be charged for this. This is to help ensure the continuation of the project, as it is run purely on a voluntary basis and financed by donations and grants. By booking a ticket, you are not only securing your immediate participation, but also a piece of the project's future. Thank you very much.


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Agenda of the Chord Change on February 5, 2024:

12:00 p.m. Exhibition opening in the Cage House (for sponsor ticket holders)

13:30 Press conference (for registered journalists only)

14:00 Admission to the Burchardi Church

14:45 Start of Chord Change

15:00 Chord Change

After the Chord Change, the entire church and the Cage House will be opened to all visitors

Information about the chord change:

The picture shows the chord change 2022. The respective chord change in the performance of the composition ORGAN2/ASLSP by John Cage in Halberstadt is a special experience every time. The interest of numerous Cage fans from many countries and the international media interest are impressive proof of this. The total duration of the performance is 639 years. The German organist Gerd Zacher, to whom this piece is dedicated, premiered it in Metz in just over 29 minutes. The piece consists of eight parts, each of which must be played and each of which can be repeated. Nothing is fixed - apart from the pitch and duration of the sounds. The period between the sounds, i.e. between the sound changes, can be a few months or a few years when projected onto the total duration of 639 years. The score specifies the time at which the sound changes. To this end, the composition of the organ pipes in the Halberstadt organ is adjusted in a solemn ceremony.


Detailinformation about the Chord Change:

For the 16th change of chord on February 5, 2024, the composition of the organ pipes will be changed according to the score. The previous sound {c' (16'), des'(16'), dis', e', ais', e''} will become the sound {c' (16'), des'(16'), d', dis', e', ais', e''}. This means that the d' note is added to the organ specification.